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Our goal is to offer simplistic supply chain solutions to our customers whereby Western Freight Solutions will micro-manage the comprehensive details of the transaction.

Regardless of your ocean freight needs from anywhere in North America, Western Freight Solutions is here to eliminate the complexities of shipping.

Since the inception of our freight forwarding division in 2005, we developed the knowledge and the partnerships with the global carriers which allow us to offer competitive supply chain solutions for all your export requirements.

Our focus remains on customer service, and we strive to set ourselves apart by putting the customer first with every single transaction.

Regardless of where you are shipping from in North America, we have you covered on your international export needs in relations to ocean freight.

Our dedicated team of logistics professionals are available to offer the competitive rates, procure bookings from the shipping lines and assist with the documentation process.

Through our strategic alignment with Canest Transit, we can provide trans-loading and handling of your bulk shipments from our state-of-the-art terminal located strategically within the port of Montreal and serviced by both CN and CP rail.

Canest is certified as a unit train facility and can accept unit trains up to 125 cars therefore, whether large or small bulk shipments, we have you covered. CanEst Transit can receive grain by rail and by truck. Moreover, Canest offers different services such as product cleaning, sifting, packaging, rough cleaning and containerization, as well as handling of bulk grain and by-products.

Additionally, Canest is HACCP & CIPRS, and organic certified and is a bonded warehouse border service.

Thorough different strategic partnerships throughout Canada, we can also offer the following trans-loading solutions

Montreal: bag to bag and tote to tote

Vancouver: bulk to bulk, bag to bag and bulk to bag